An Occult-Themed Tower Defence game where you and a friend work together to keep rival cultists, demons and spirits away from your home base. You aren't the only cult out there after all, and elder gods don't take kindly to competition! 

While one of you places towers onto the field, the other player will be down at ground level, hexing the units that come charging through to take down your unholy sanctum. Level up by killing beasts and progress through waves! 

This jam-version of the game has 10 waves in total for you to try and best, with a boss beast at the end for you to battle. Gamepad Required to Control the ground-level player! If you're only by your lonesome or don't have a gamepad, you can still place towers and enjoy the game. 

Hope you have fun! Let us know what you think.


Download 46 MB


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dont have a gamepad but this game looks amazing holy