A downloadable game for Windows

Battle the evil zombie village folk and defend your castle. You must harvest resources to build and upgrade turrets and also to fix your spaceship time machine! 

Patch Notes for Update 1:
    1. Tutorial menu added to the main menu.
    2. Pause menu added.
    3. options menu w/volume slider added to pause menu.
    4. Turret Level 2 not aiming or firing has been fixed.
    5. Turrets, after the player goes back to the main menu and starts over, which were  not aiming or firing has been fixed.
    6. Torches added to the castle walls.
    7. Night counter has been changed to Day counter and now correctly counts the number of waves that has passed.
    8. Ship repair button updated to hold down "E".


Super Zombie!!.zip 46 MB


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Instructions are in the screenshots!